June 18-22, 2007 

Stanford University's PULSE Center, located at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, is hosting the 2007 Ultrafast Summer School.

The ultrafast summer school will offer a five day residential program to present comprehensive lectures and open forum for discussions about free electron lasers (FEL) including vuv FELs and high harmonic generation; multiphoton physics with x-ray FEL; Ultrafast atomic, molecular, cluster physics; attosecond physics; material science and imaging molecules with X-FELs; high energy density science, time-resolved absorption and x-ray scattering. The program will cover both fundamentals of high harmonic generation, soft x-ray, hard x-ray FEL and their use in spectroscopy and diffraction as well as a broad range of scientific applications. The program includes discussing new experimental techniques which need to be developed and built due to the different nature of the LCLS compared to ultrafast lasers or synchrotron sources. In addition, tours to the LCLS site will be arranged.

The goal of the school is to disseminate information about scientific opportunities in ultrafast science and train students and post docs on the new FEL facilities as well as inform researchers who are interested to join this exciting new field. Lectures will be presented by expert scientists in the various aforementioned fields. The attendees will be expected to participate in the discussions since we plan to offer these lectures in an interactive style mode to make it effective and interesting to the audience.

Important Dates

Date Deadline
April 25, 2007 - Wednesday Last day for early registration
May 08, 2007 - Tuesday
End of Stanford Guest House room block
June 18, 2007 - Monday First day of Ultrafast X-ray Summer School

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